1:00 PM - 5:00 PM | Saturday, September 23 | PM Lecture & Hands-On Workshops 
(Select two. First come, first serve.)



Sedation Treatment Planning Exercises: Sedation Emergencies, Airway, Capnography & Pre-Cordial Stethoscope

Presented by Dr. Ernie Luce - Proudly Sponsored by Sedation Resource  1.5 Hrs Participation | Subject Code: 200

Dr. Luce will guide small groups to manage sedation treatment plans and emergencies with confidence.


Technologies for Early Oral Cancer Detection

Presented by Robert Whitman 1.5 Hrs Participation | Subject Code: 730

How do you use fluorescence technology, quantitative cytology, and proper implementation to detect oral cancer? Practice hands-on techniques to enhance your skills.



TMJ / Facial Skeletal Deformities and Treatment Complex Cases

Presented by Dr. Dale Gallagher 1.5 Hrs Participation | Subject Code: 180

Discover a variety of splits, models, and effective treatment methods. Expand your skill in treatment planning the most challenging and complex cases.



Conservative Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Presented by Dr. Ace Jovanovski 1.5 Hrs Participation | Subject Code: 250

Experience side-by-side learning with Drs. Ace and Sarah Jovanovski as you diagnose, treatment plan, sequence, and complete full mouth rehabilitations.



Applying Emotional Intelligence in Your Practice 

Presented by Bill Woodburn, MEd, LPC, LMFT 1.5 Hrs Participation | Subject Code: 550

Learn guided practices of EI skills necessary to put concepts into action. We will try out EI skills in a supportive, fun, and hands-on learning environment. Join me and learn how even basic EI skills can make major improvements in patient acceptance and team motivation!