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I completed my online RDA course. What’s next?

As Step 3 describes, you will contact the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners to submit your completion certificate(s) to receive CE credit(s) to renew your RDA Certification.  Learn more about RDA Renewal Instructions here.

I need to RENEW my certificate.  How do I do that?

First, you will want to review the CE requirements here!  You can take our online course(s), which are approved by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.  Or you can take other CE courses, if they are TSBDE approved.  When you are ready, visit the TSBDE webpage to get your renewal application!

Will I receive my completion certificate in the mail - or - by email?

You will receive your certificate electronically. We do not mail physical certificates. When you complete the course successfully within 45 days, you will see your certificate and receive an email.  You can print or save this on your computer or electronic device.  

My RDA registration expired over 1 year ago.  Can I still renew - OR - do I need to start a new application?

If your RDA registration expired over 1 year ago, unfortunately, the Texas State Board explains in Rule D3 that you cannot renew.  So, it is time to follow the steps here and start a new RDA application

I'm going to move out of Texas.  Can I use my certificate in another state?

Great question!  This certificate is a cost-effective way to start your career in Texas, but if you are planning to move to another state, you should do some research first. Before you register for any courses with us, you should first contact the state dental board in that state to see what certificates and programs they recognize.   

How can I find a job in Texas?

There are free resources to help you!  Visit to be matched with jobs or contact your local Texas Workforce Commission office for personal assistance.

I have my Registered Dental Assistant certificate.  What more can I do?

Continue to learn!  Ask TSBDE about continuing education courses to help you later renew your certificate.
Get an additional certificate! With a Nitrous Oxide Monitoring certificate, you can help check patients' sedation levels.
Consider going to college!  Continue your career in dentistry.  Learn about financial aid options.

How do I contact Tech Support?

Call 800-701-5161 | Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM CST