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Texas AGD is the only organization in Texas that solely represents the interests of general dentists and their patients in Texas. The Advocacy Program was established to support the Academy’s government affairs efforts. Whether at the Capitol or at regulatory agencies such as the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE), Texas AGD is your strongest professional advocate.

No matter what today's environment looks like, the Texas AGD will continue to represent you and navigate challenges together as a community.  It is vital that elected officials, the TSBDE, elected officials, and other government agencies understand the uniqueness of a general dentist. Expressing these specific needs has been and will continue to be an important initiative during and after the pandemic.

The program is supported through the generous contributions of members. The funds support legislative and regulatory initiatives for purposes such as hiring a lobbyist, developing grassroots communications and conducting advocacy training. The program is not a political action committee and funds will not be used for campaign contributions.

Members receive access to the Gatekeeper, a monthly legislative news brief and to other valuable resources.  Some of the ways the program has already had an impact include:

  • Testifying before legislative committees

  • Providing a voice at the TSBDE meetings

  • Providing grassroots training to members

Just one misguided law or regulation can have a major impact on the cost of running your practice, the quality of patient care, or even your ability to provide services. For less than the cost of a patient’s crown, you can help ensure we have the resources needed to succeed. Donate today.